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So basically, the idea behind this is to keep some sort of record of all the films that I’m currently watching. Time is pressing on, and there are literally hundreds – if not thousands – of stupid, weird, horrible, daft and sleazy movies I haven’t yet seen. A scary prospect, so to try and stay on track, I’ll jot them all down here and add some kind of appraisal. (In other words, GOD, NOT ANOTHER BLOODY FILM REVIEW BLOG)

Like the scary, doll faced character in “Four Flies”, I’ll keep watching.

However, a few themes will emerge:

1) The Video Nasty Project
Thought about doing this a couple of years ago when we were 25 years down the line from the great Nasties debacle, but now it’s more like 30 since The Sunday Times fired its first salvo in the video war and I can’t be bothered waiting until 2012. So! The idea is that I finally watch the entire DPP 39 list of “banned” films and see whether they actually deprave and corrupt me (in accordance with the Obscene Publications Act’s definition of the term “obscene”). I was going to do them in order, but I soon realised a) I’d seen “Absurd” a million times and b) “Axe” is incredibly snoozesome. And I’ve seen a few of them already. So, in no particular order and each movie will be scored on how depraved and corrupted I feel.

2) Adventures In Giallo
Because Italian thrillers are great. Or are they? Time to find out.

3) Ticking Off The Lists
Or: movies I’ve read about for decades but never actually seen. Based on a few great books, namely: Denis Gifford’s “A Pictorial History Of Horror Movies” (1973), “Re:Search – Incredibly Strange Films” (1986) and “The Psychotronic Encyclopedia Of Film” (1983). That’s a lot of films to cover, but a great place to start.

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